Windows testsuite failures

Ben Gamari ben at
Fri Jan 17 21:26:26 UTC 2020

Ömer Sinan Ağacan <omeragacan at> writes:

> Hi Ben,
> Can we please disable Windows CI? I've spent more time fighting the CI than
> doing useful work this week, it's really frustrating.
Yes, this recent spate is issues indeed took too long to solve.
Unfortunately this particular issue took quite a while to isolate since
I had trouble reproducing it as it depended upon which CI builder the
job ran on.

However, I eventually found and pushed a patch to fix the root cause
this morning.

> Since we have no idea how to fix it maybe we should test Windows only before a
> release, manually (and use bisect in case of regressions).
As pointed out by Tamar, this really is not a viable option. In truth,
the pain we are experiencing now is precisely because we neglected
Windows support for so long. I am now making a concerted effort to fix
this and, while it has been painful, we are gradually approaching a
half-way decent story for Windows. x86-64 is, as of this morning,
believed to be mostly stable; I'm now working on i386.


- Ben
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