Windows testsuite failures

Ömer Sinan Ağacan omeragacan at
Fri Jan 17 06:02:46 UTC 2020

Hi Ben,

Can we please disable Windows CI? I've spent more time fighting the CI than
doing useful work this week, it's really frustrating.

Since we have no idea how to fix it maybe we should test Windows only before a
release, manually (and use bisect in case of regressions).


Ben Gamari <ben at>, 14 Oca 2020 Sal, 14:30 tarihinde şunu yazdı:
> Hi all,
> Currently Windows CI is a bit flaky due to some unfortunately rather elusive testsuite driver bugs. Progress in resolving this has been a bit slow due to travel over the last week but I will be back home tomorrow and should be able to resolve the issue soon thereafter.
> Cheers,
> - Ben
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