How to navigate around the source tree?

Sylvain Henry sylvain at
Wed Oct 23 11:08:19 UTC 2019


How do you generate your tags file? It seems to be a shortcoming of the 
generator to not take into account the location of the definition file.

 > Perhaps `HsUtils` and `StgUtils` would be appropriate to 
disambiguate`Hs/Utils` and `StgToCmm/Utils`.

We are promoting the module prefixes (`Hs`, `Stg`, `Tc`, etc.) into 
proper module layers (e.g. `HsUtils` becomes `GHC.Hs.Utils`) so it would 
be redundant to add the prefixes back. :/


On 23/10/2019 12:52, Matthew Pickering wrote:
> Hi,
> The module rework has broken my workflow.
> Now my tags file is useless for jumping for modules as there are
> multiple "Utils" and "Types" modules. Invariable I am jumping to the
> wrong one. What do other people do to avoid this?
> Can we either revert these changes or give these modules unique names
> to facilitate that only reliable way of navigating the code base.
> Perhaps `HsUtils` and `StgUtils` would be appropriate to disambiguate
> `Hs/Utils` and `StgToCmm/Utils`.
> Cheers,
> Matt
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