Help with debugging a batch mode (or type checker) bug

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Mon Oct 14 21:35:07 UTC 2019

In --make mode, after compiling module M, rather than serialising M.hi and the deserialising and typechecking it, we simply use the type environment generated by compiling M and put it into M's entry of the Home Package Table (HPT).

But we have to take care to ensure that the IdInfo in that type-env matches the IdInfo that would be obtained by reading M.hi.  This is the tidy_type_env returned by TidyPgm.tidyPgm.

Now, in your cafInfo work you are working out the CAFFy-ness of Ids later, and popping this info into M's ModIface.  But of course, in --make mode, you must _also_ put that same info into M's md_types type envt in the ModDetails returned by tidyPgm.

I bet that omitting that step is the problem.


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| Hi,
| In !1304 I'm currently having a bug where I get correct IdInfos for
| imported Ids in one-shot mode (-c), but not when I use batch mode (--
| make). If I add a few prints I can see that in hscIncrementalCompile
| right before hscIncrementalFrontend the hsc_HPT has the correct IdInfos
| for the imported Ids, but somehow in the desugarer output the IdInfo is
| lost. Can anyone point me to the right places in the typechecker or the
| desugarer for me to look at?
| Thanks,
| Ömer
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