wiki page of notes for type checker plugin authors

Nicolas Frisby nicolas.frisby at
Sun May 26 04:10:27 UTC 2019

To: ghc-devs
Cc: some plugin authors I'm aware of

Today, I finally added a test that caused the type checker plugin I'm
developing to fail because I'm ignoring the incoming Derived constraints.
While investigating what exactly I should do with incoming Deriveds, I
wrote up my notes in hopes they are helpful to other type checker plugin

It's a high-level summary of what the GHC constraint solver is doing, that
dips down into the details a bit regarding Deriveds.

I would really appreciate it if you'd check that page for errors andr
glaring omissions. Also, is there a better location for it? It seemed too
sprawling for a source `Note`.

Thank you for your time. -Nick
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