[hadrian] happy 1.19.10

Vladislav Zavialov vladislav at serokell.io
Wed May 15 06:22:30 UTC 2019

Hi Shayne,

I don’t use ’stack’ to build GHC and CI doesn’t check it, so I think I missed this one. Thanks for bringing this up, have you already checked locally that ‘lts-13.21’ fixes the issue (if so, perhaps submit an MR with your fix)? Would it be a good idea to add a CI job for stack to avoid breakage in the future?

- Vlad

> On 15 May 2019, at 04:36, Shayne Fletcher via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at haskell.org> wrote:
> Hi Vlad,
> Are there imminent plans to update hadrian/stack.yaml with something like,
> ```
> # Specifies the GHC version and set of packages available (e.g., lts-3.5, nightly-2015-09-21, ghc-7.10.2)
> resolver: lts-13.21
> ```
> I think this is necessary to get the recent happy upgrade? 
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