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Artem Pelenitsyn a.pelenitsyn at
Sat May 11 20:26:48 UTC 2019

Hi chessai,

What I usually do for this is open up the corresponding GitHub page, e.g.:

where I see the list of branches the commit was added to, below the commit
message (note that you have to click "..." to see the full list of
branches). The branches ending with `-release` (e.g. ghc-8.6.5-release)
answer your question, I believe.

Best, Artem

On Sat, 11 May 2019 at 23:01, chessai . <chessai1996 at> wrote:

> Devs,
> Is there a way to take the sha1 of a git commit and find which
> released version of GHC contains that commit, without resorting to a
> manual cross-reference?
> Is it possible there could be some sort of webpage where this
> information could be made accessible, just by pasting in a commit?
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