Is cleaning up old issues worthwhile?

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Mon May 6 03:04:43 UTC 2019

I just want to second comments others have said about the value of this kind of activity. It is most certainly *not* annoying! If you're right and there is a migration issue, then it is indeed reasonable to stop and get feedback, but I'm (for one) comfortable having you close tickets that you cannot reproduce in a modern GHC -- as long as you're careful about checking this. (For example, perhaps an old ticket has some code that doesn't make sense with Applicative being a superclass of Monad. Before labeling the issue as unreproducible, it would be wise to update the example first.) The worst case scenario is that someone reopens.

Many thanks for this work!

> On May 4, 2019, at 6:49 PM, Kevin Buhr <buhr at> wrote:
> Well, after going through a few of these, I realize that there's some relevant Trac metadata (specifically, "Resolution" fields of "ResolvedWorksForMe", "ResolvedFixed", etc.) for all of the ones I've found.  It looks like certain old bugs that were somehow "resolved" but not "closed" in the old system came over as open tickets in GitLab. This is maybe related to gitlab-migration issue #43.  So, I'll stop now.
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