Is cleaning up old issues worthwhile?

Kevin Buhr buhr at
Sat May 4 22:01:21 UTC 2019

Okay, sounds fine.  Maybe I'll use "obsolete" when I'm <95% sure it 
should just be closed.  When you suggested there was benefit in 
labelling older issues, what sort of labelling were you thinking of?  
Adding existing triage-style labelling, like "bug" and/or the 
appropriate subsystem for the bugs that are still relevant?

On 5/4/19 4:56 PM, Matthew Pickering wrote:
> I'm not sure the benefit of marking these tickets obsolete is. You may
> as well just close them. Someone can reopen them if they disagree.
> There could be some arguent for adding tests from these old tickets
> but tbh they are so old that if the bug still exists there is probably
> a newer ticket.

Kevin Buhr <buhr at>

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