Discussion: Hadrian's defaults

Andrey Mokhov andrey.mokhov at newcastle.ac.uk
Fri Mar 15 14:55:16 UTC 2019

Hi Arnaud,

Great to hear you've been using Hadrian for a while and like it! 

As others have already pointed, -c used to be default. I personally was always inclined to run boot and configure by default, because to me they seem like an unnecessary complication on the way to the first GHC build (they confused me a lot when I did my first GHC build). On the other hand, people who strongly oppose -c being default are all expert users of configure, and should be capable of passing --skip-configure when need be (or always).

It's good to discuss this and see what proportion of GHC developers would prefer to include -c by default. So far the opponents were much more vocal.

Making --freeze1 default is probably fine. If we go this way, there should be a big warning in the documentation saying that this default setting is convenient but unsafe, i.e. can produce wrong binaries.

I think --share is not ready to become default. Hopefully, it will be in 1-2 months!


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