Discussion: Hadrian's defaults

Spiwack, Arnaud arnaud.spiwack at tweag.io
Thu Mar 14 15:57:27 UTC 2019

The most friendly option to developers would be not building the perf
> build by default but this has been repeatedly shot down in the past.

I agree. But I also find it reasonable to make it so one won't accidentally
build a dev build when trying to make a release. (that being said, in the
Ocaml world, things have been going the other way, where, if I understand
correctly, `dune build` builds development version, while `dune build
@install` builds release artifact). I can't say I have a strong opinion on

1. -c doesn't work very well compared to ./configure for me and picks
> up the wrong versions of alex/happy as installed by hadrian rather
> than the ones provisioned by ghc.nix/. I have tried to avoid it anyway
> after encountering some problems.

If anybody else have such issues with `-c`, please share your experience in
the thread. I haven't had any problem so far, myself.
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