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Tue Mar 12 20:55:11 UTC 2019

Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at> writes:

> Ben, Matthew
> I wrote up notes on how to get from MR to issue, and from issue to MR,
> in my help page:
> (See "Issues" and "Merge requests" headings)

One note unrelated to the MR-to-issue matter:

 * Regarding high zoom levels causing the interface to be truncated: you
   may want to switch to the "fluid" layout width option (see [1]). I
   quickly tried it and it seems to be a bit more tolerant of zooming
   than the default fixed-width layout.


> Alas, it seems that I was lying
>   * Issue #16411 does not have a "relevant merge request" link to
>   MR!520, even though the latter plainly mentions the former. That
>   seems deeply strange, and makes it hard to see if the issue has a
>   MR, let alone which one it is.
I believe the reason for this is that !520 was opened before #16411 was
imported. This is an unfortunate consequence of the fact that GitLab
only scans for references when a comment/MR/issue is created or edited,
not when it is rendered.

I triggered a rescan of the description of !520 (by making a simple
whitespace edit) and the expected reference was created.

>   * Somehow MR!520 says "closes #16411" rather than just "mentions
>   #16411". Perhaps this is good, but how did it know to do that?
It matches the commit messages and merge request description against a
regular expression. The default regular expression essentially matches
phrases like

 * Fixes #1234
 * Fixed #1234
 * Closes #1234
 * Closed #1234

occurring anywhere in the message. Given that we generally want
contributors to review tickets before closing them, I think this is far
too liberal.

However, earlier today I made this significantly more selective. The new
regular expression only matches lines starting with "Closes #1234". This
still allows the auto-closure feature to be used but should greatly
reduce the chance that it is inadvertently triggered.


- Ben
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