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Tue Mar 12 18:09:42 UTC 2019

Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at> writes:

> I typed the query into the search box on the top black menu bar.  The box has the encouraging text "search or jump to".
> Ah.... now I see that it's displaying a "projects" tab.  
> In BOLD LETTERS the page says "We couldn't find any results matching capturetopconstraints".   
> But there is a quiet grey "merge requests" tab that indeed shows the MR.   Ha!  That's subtle!
Indeed. GitLab really should be more clever about which tab it shows by

I opened this related ticket [1] a few weeks ago.

> Even more oddly, when I did the same thing again (from somewhere else) I got this
>  Note it displays "Code", "Commits" and "Comments" tabs which it did not before.
The search box is somewhat context-sensitive. When you are looking at a
particular project the search results will contain things code, commits,
and comments from the current project, in addition to the usual
projects, issues, merge requests, and milestones that global queries

> In that second page it looks as if the "project" filter is set to GHC.
> But if actually pick GHC from the project-filter menu I get no
> results. Well, I picked "Project: Glasgow Haskell Compiler/ci-images"
> whatever that is? But there /is/ no plain GHC project in the list!

I can reproduce this. This is truly strange; seems like a bug. I'll
investigate. I've opened [2] to track this.

> When I get more results like this:
> how are the results sorted?  Can I sort them most-recent first?

That is a good question. I was hoping that the answer was that they are
sorted by relevance, since search is not terribly useful otherwise.
However, to my surprise it actually seems [3] that they are ordered by
creation date with no option to change this.

On the staging instance I had enabled Elasticsearch support, which
promised "better" search results (although it's slightly unclear what
that means; there is still no option to choose an ordering). Doing the
same on is on my list.


- Ben

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