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Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Mar 11 22:37:05 UTC 2019

Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at> writes:

> |  I'm happy to announce that the ticket and issue import processes are now
> |  complete and is back online. There are still a few
> |  final steps remaining which I will be carrying out over the next few
> |  days:
> Great!  I'm sure it'll help to have everything in one place.
> Can I ask
> * That the old ticket repo be put in read-only mode. I've just
> modified the old #16344, but I should have modified the new one.
Indeed this was supposed to be already done but it looks like I failed
to remove a few permissions for developers which allowed further
changes. This has been fixed.

> * Back on the tickets front, how do I record the test cases(s) for a ticket?  
This is unfortunately one of the casualties of the migration. GitLab
doesn't have support for custom ticket fields (although they have
indicated that they may introduce such support in the future).

In the meantime we have a few options:

 * we introduce a convention to document this in comments

 * we give up tracking this in the issue tracker

> * How do I record the MR for a ticket?  (When it has one.)
Referring to the ticket from the MR description will result in a
reference being added to the ticket.

> * That the banner (on the wiki at least) saying "This site has been
> deprecated and is in read-only mode" should describe how to get to the
> corresponding URL on the new wiki. Eg. say "If you are trying to
> access<page>, the new URL is
> "<page>".
Ultimately the plan is to make Trac URLs directly forward to GitLab's
Wiki. The current state of affairs is temporary.

> * Where has
> gone? The corresponding URL on the new wiki doesn't exist.
This is an unfortunate effect of the move to GitLab's wiki, which
insists on a different naming convention than Trac (kebab-case instead
of CamelCase).

> * How can I list the title index on the new wiki?
As Matthew mentioned, there is a table of contents page here [1]. Note
that this is quite a hack; ideally we would be able to use GitLab's
provided pages list feature [2] but unfortunately it's essentially
unusable with a Wiki of non-trivial size. I have reported this upstream

> * I have lots of pages like this one
> that list the tickets relevant to a particular keyword. (Now "label" I
> think?) But tat page is now lying: it claims to list current open
> tickets, but actually it's a frozen snapshot. What should I do?

I can take care of replacing these with links to the appropriate query.


- Ben


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