Final steps in GHC's Trac-to-GitLab migration

Ben Gamari ben at
Wed Mar 6 01:21:09 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work sorting out the
last batch of issues in GHC's Trac-to-GitLab import [1]. At this point I
believe we have sorted out the issues which are necessary to perform the
final migration:

 * We are missing only two tickets (#1436 and #2074 which will require a
   bit of manual intervention to import due to extremely large
   description lengths)

 * A variety of markup issues have been resolved

 * More metadata is now preserved via labels. We may choose to
   reorganize or eliminate some of these labels in time but it's easier
   to remove metadata after import than it is to reintroduce it. The
   logic which maps Trac metadata to GitLab labels can be found here [2]

 * We now generate a Wiki table of contents [3] which is significantly
   more readable than GitLab's default page list. This will be updated
   by a cron job until underlying GitLab pages list becomes more

 * We now generate redirects for Trac ticket and Wiki links (although
   this isn't visible in the staging instance)

 * Milestones are now properly closed when closed in Trac

 * Mapping between Trac and GitLab usernames is now a bit more robust

As in previous test imports, we would appreciate it if you could have a
look over the import and let us know of any problems your encounter.

If no serious issues are identified with the staging site we plan to
proceed with the migration this coming weekend. The current migration
plan is to perform the final import on on Saturday, 9
March 2019.

This will involve both and being down
for likely the entirety of the day Saturday and likely some of Sunday
(EST time zone). Read-only access will be available to for ticket lookup while the import is

After the import we will wait at least a week or so before we begin the
process of decommissioning Trac, which will be kept in read-only mode
for the duration.

Do let me know if the 9 March timing is problematic.


- Ben

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