Workflow question (changing codegen)

Ömer Sinan Ağacan omeragacan at
Fri Jun 28 09:09:45 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I'm currently going through this torturous process and I'm hoping that someone
here will be able to help.

I'm making changes in the codegen. My changes are currently buggy, and I need a
working stage 1 compiler to be able to debug. Basically I need to build
libraries using the branch my changes are based on, then build stage 1 with my
branch, so that I'll be able to build and run programs using stage 1 that uses
my codegen changes. The changes are compatible with the old codegen (i.e. no
changes in calling conventions or anything like that) so this should work.

Normally I do this

    $ git checkout master
    $ git distclean && ./boot && ./configure && make
    $ git checkout my_branch
    $ cd compiler; make 1

This gives me stage 1 compiler that uses my buggy codegen changes, plus
libraries built with the old and correct codegen.

However the problem is I'm also adding a new file in my_branch, and the build
system just doesn't register that fact, even after adding the line I added to
compiler/ to compiler/ghc.cabal. So far the only way to fix this
that I could find was to run ./configure again, then run make for a few seconds
at the top level, then do `make 1` in compiler/. Unfortunately even that doesn't
work when the master branch and my_branch have different dates, because `make`
in master branch produces a different version than the `make` in my_branch, so
the interface files become incompatible.

Anyone have any ideas on how to proceed here?



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