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> Thanks.  I think I understand.  The model is
>    - Always start from a clone of the main repo; do not attempt to clone
>    anyone else’s
>    - Add the extra repo as a remote
>    - Check out a branch from it.
> I had not previously understood that -- thanks

That's exactly it. My work finds me doing this sort of thing quite a lot. I
don't know if my (the following) approach is overkill however, it works
reliably for me.
# Clone the main repo
git clone
# Add remote
git remote add tdammers git at
# Get remote's branches
git fetch tdammers
# Roll the main repo back to where tdammers /some-branch started
git checkout `git merge-base tdammers/some-branch master`
# Retrieve sub-modules as they were at that point
git submodule update --init --recursive
# Now switch to the remote branch
git checkout -t tdammers/some-branch

> More generally, I'm actually wondering, why GHC's .gitsubmodules use
relative paths.  Why not make them absolute?

I continue to wonder about that and if switching to absolute paths might
remove this wrinkle. Can anyone chime in?

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