Extended Dependency Generation Proposal

Daniel Gröber dxld at darkboxed.org
Tue Jul 30 19:58:28 UTC 2019

Hi David,

On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 07:42:08PM +0100, David Eichmann wrote:
> While the proposal is aimed at improving the single-shot mode use case, I
> don't see a reason why this wouldn't work in make mode: GHC would report
> dependencies of all modules being built. 

Ok cool, that's what I thought.

> Is there a use case you have in mind where that would be useful?

I'm just a bit sceptical that fully switching to single-shot mode is
actually a good idea in all cases so I'd like to keep --make at
feature parity.

However I do have a particular use-case in mind as well: Instead of
having one --make instance per-package I'd like a sort of build-plan
wide GHC server process to allow more sharing of in-memory build

I think other people have been playing with that idea too so it's not
exactly new but in the context of Haskell-IDE-Engine this might
actually be something that makes a lot of sense to do because we
already have what is essentially a GHC server process running the
whole time, namely HIE itself.


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