GHC native bootstrap

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Jul 22 13:52:18 UTC 2019

Igor Chudov <nir at> writes:

> Thanks, Ben!
> I read old docs and found that it was mentioned that it's possible to
> start bootstrap with GHC 4.08.2 and HC files supplied. I performed
> "./configure && make" stage on x86_64 machine and moved sources to the
> desired machine (and successfully patched some files to work with
> exotic C compiler) but encountered

Oh dear; I missed the fact that you lack a cross-compiling toolchain.
Things are much easier if you can cross-compile.

Given your situation your approach is probably the best you can do.
I have never done a native bootstrap like this and consequently have no
idea what challenges lay in wait. It sounds like it may be a long road,


- Ben
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