Moving head.hackage upstream

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Jul 22 13:42:07 UTC 2019

Ben Gamari <ben at> writes:

> Hi Herbert,
> Last week I did some work to clean up and document GHC's head.hackage
> infrastructure. At this point we have a full CI pipeline, including
> automatic deployment of a Hackage repository.
> I asked on #ghc and there was quite some appetite to use
> as the head.hackage upstream
> repository to eliminate confusion and enjoy the benefits of having merge
> requests checked via CI. Moreover, this would significantly simplify the
> process of testing GHC against head.hackage as it would eliminate the need
> to pull from a separate upstream repository.
> Would you be okay with moving head.hackage's upstream?
> Thanks again for everything you have done in the head.hackage area.
Herbert and I discussed this via IRC over the weekend and he said he
would be fine with moving head.hackage's upstream to GitLab.

Herbert, can you change the description of your GitHub repository to
reflect this?


- Ben

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