Moving head.hackage upstream

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Jul 15 16:34:02 UTC 2019

Ryan Scott < at> writes:

> Count me among the people who are eagerly awaiting this move. If I
> understood Ben correctly when discussing this idea with him on #ghc, then
> one of the benefits of having head.hackage on GitLab would be that the
> head.hackage index would automatically regenerate any time a commit lands.
> This would make things far more streamlined than the status quo, where the
> index has to be regenerated by hand.
> If head.hackage is migrated over to GitLab, would that change how people
> are expected to use it? That is, would it still be as simple as copying the
> repository stanza from [1] into one's cabal.project file? Or would that
> change with a move to GitLab?
There is the question of what would happen to The CI-generated repository is
currently deployed via GitLab Pages to; the user's experience
otherwise does not change. It would be easy to redirect there is that is okay with hvr.


- Ben

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