The GHC Committee welcomes its new members

Joachim Breitner mail at
Wed Jul 10 07:11:29 UTC 2019

Dear Haskell community,

the GHC Steering committee welcomes its new two members, Sandy Maguire
and Arnaud Spiwack. We are happy to see that there is continued
interest in our work, and are looking forward to the insights and
energy that are brought to the committee by Sandy and Arnaud.

They take the seats of Ben Gamari and Manuel Chakravarty. A big thanks
to Ben and Manuel for their contributions to GHC and the proposal
committee. In particular Ben, who created the initials draft of the
proposal process.

We had four nominations in total, and I would like to preserve their
privacy. Since we only had two seats to fill, we had to make a pick;
nevertheless I am grateful for all nominations, and encourage everyone,
including those who did not make it this time, to try again next time.

Neither the committee nor its process is perfect, as the way two recent
proposals went show, but we are constantly trying to refine and
improve. Your feedback is always welcome, either at the committee
mailing list, or in private communication with the Chairs (the two
Simons), me, or any other member.

On behalf of the committee,
Joachim Breitner

PS: Sandy and Arnaud, please subscribe to the mailing list at

Joachim Breitner
  mail at

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