lint-submods-marge consistently failing when attempting to update Haddock

Ryan Scott at
Sat Jul 6 16:47:38 UTC 2019

I've noticed that Marge's most recent batch is consistently failing
after repeated attempts. Each time, the failure is only in the
lint-submods-marge job. Here is an excerpt from the most recent
failure [1]:

    Submodule update(s) detected in 1cd22260c2467650dde8811cc58e89594a016f43:
     utils/haddock => 658ad4af237f3da196cca083ad525375260e38a7
    *FAIL* commit not found in submodule repo
           or not reachable from persistent branches

My understanding is that the lint-submods-marge job checks for any
submodule updates, and if there is an update, it ensures that the new
commit is actually present upstream. However, I have already pushed
Haddock commit 658ad4af237f3da196cca083ad525375260e38a7 upstream on
GitHub [2], and there has been enough time for this commit to also
appear on the GitLab mirror [3]. Despite this, lint-submods-marge
keeps failing, and I have no idea why. Does anyone know what to do
from here?

Ryan S.

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