Cloning (Shayne Fletcher)

Jost Berthold jost.berthold at
Mon Jul 1 09:17:14 UTC 2019

Just on this detail in the previous mails:

On 6/25/19 10:00 PM, ghc-devs-request at wrote:
>> More generally, I'm actually wondering, why GHC's .gitsubmodules use
> relative paths.  Why not make them absolute?
> I continue to wonder about that and if switching to absolute paths might
> remove this wrinkle. Can anyone chime in?

I remember the relative paths for submodules were added to make working 
with several clones of the GHC repo (to lower rebuild cost for 
simultaneous branches or similar) easier.

With relative paths, one can make a second local clone from the first 
one and all references to all submodules will share local data.

That said, this does get in the way sometimes. I changed back to 
absolute paths in my GHC fork quite a while back.

/ Jost

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