CI request: a DEBUG compiler

Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Jan 27 15:18:55 UTC 2019

Richard Eisenberg <rae at> writes:

> Hi devs,
> I almost exclusively work with a DEBUG compiler. It continually shocks
> me that I'm relatively alone in this stance, as the ASSERTs littered
> throughout GHC have caught many a bug in easier a manner than long
> stares at -ddump-tc-trace would do. In any case, my goal in this email
> is not to convince you to follow suit. My goal is to request that our
> CI infrastructure include at least one testsuite run in a DEBUG
> compiler. A patch I'm working on is failing a test because of an
> assertion failure. I doubt my patch is the culprit, but I also can't
> categorically rule it out. So, I'm left rebuilding HEAD with DEBUG
> turned on to see if I can repro the ASSERTion failure. Clearly, having
> a CI trace of this would simplify things -- not to mention catch bugs
> earlier.
I completely agree; we do need to test DEBUG. I have an open merge
request (!58) which adds support for this but it currently fails (!) and
I haven't had time to look at sorting it out. I'll try to have a look today.


- Ben

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