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Ben Gamari ben at
Wed Jan 23 17:54:51 UTC 2019

Tobias Dammers <tdammers at> writes:

> On Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 03:55:06PM -0500, Ben Gamari wrote:
> I believe this should be a separate, self-contained document; we should
> not overload the New Contributors' Guide with this information, nor
> should it be scattered across the rest of the documentation (though more
> pages should exist to go into full detail on each of those points). The
> New Contributors' Guide should, however, follow these practices and thus
> document them by example. E.g., the tutorial should include a step where
> you squash your commits and add suitable comments. Likewise, the NOTE:
> convention can be introduced simply by walking through the steps as part
> of the tutorial.
Sounds like we are largely in agreement. Let's start on this after the
Trac migration is finished.

> On a completely unrelated note, I was thinking that it may be feasible
> and desirable to hack up a quick broken-links check for the wiki,
> possibly even as part of the migration script (which has to extract wiki
> links anyway as it goes, and also visits every wiki page at some point,
> so maintaining a list of links and then crossing off the ones that exist
> shouldn't be a huge effort). Armed with such a list, we could then
> semi-automatically deal with broken links and redirects as part of a
> cleanup sweep. I'll have to give redirects a bit more thought in this
> context though.

I was going to recommend we rather just use something off-the-shelf to
avoid reinventing the wheel. I use linkchecker [1] elsewhere and it
works quite well. I believe you can use its -W flag to catch
non-existent wiki pages (which won't return a 404).

Of course, if it's easier to do this as part of the migration script
then that is also fine.


- Ben
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