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Ben Gamari ben at
Thu Jan 17 15:22:44 UTC 2019

Matthew Pickering <matthewtpickering at> writes:

> I am against any proposed change which makes it easier to break the
> build on any platform. Someone, usually Ben, has to waste a lot of
> time fixing these breakages and if master does not build it affects
> every developer.
Indeed, I agree with Matthew here. Breakages are very painful both when
they happen and after when we need to bisect through them.

> If a commit breaks the build then it should prevent the patch being
> merged. Now that CI is robust, this is a realistic goal.
> My preferred solution is to start using "marge-bot" which is battle
> tested solution for this precise problem. We don't need to reinvent
> our own solution. Hopefully the native support in gitlab will improve
> over time but for now it is the highest impact change we can make
> whilst maintaining the core principles of CI.
I would be fine with trying to deploy it. My thought was that it would
be "only" a few months of manually working around the issue until an
upstream solution arrived. However, I agree that this may be just long
enough to justify deploying an interim solution.

I can try this today if others agree this is a reasonable way forward.


- Ben

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