GitLab forks and submodules

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Mon Jan 7 20:35:48 UTC 2019

Would it be worth describing this workflow explicitly in our "How to use GitLab for GHC development" page?


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| > so what do we do with submodules? If you point someone to a fork of ghc,
| say:
| >
| >
| >
| Indeed submodules have been a constant thorn in our side. We encounter
| this same issue during CI jobs on forks. To work around this we have a
| script (.gitlab-ci/ which tweaks the submodule paths
| to point to Others are free to use this
| script locally however it is surely a hack.
| I suppose we could just try changing the submodule upstream URLs to
| absolute URLs. This would make the (arguably more common) case of
| cloning and contributing without submodule changes easier, while making
| the case of contributing patches with submodule changes more difficult.
| My usual solution is to just clone from ghc/ghc and then add a separate
| remote for my fork.
| Cheers,
| - Ben

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