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Sat Jan 5 22:34:04 UTC 2019

Artem Pelenitsyn <a.pelenitsyn at> writes:

> Hello devs,
Hi Artem,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

> What is the status of this directory [1]? It doesn't seem to be the tip of
> the master branch in the repo. In the documentation [2] it says:
>> GHC 8.5.20180424 User's Guide
It is supposed to be maintained by a cron job running on a machine I
have locally. Unfortunately, the cron job proved to be quite a challenge to
keep running reliably and at some point I punted on it until our CI
situation was sorted.

Now since we have proper CI I would like to automate the extraction of a
nightly documentation from the CI tarballs. I have started this in !79.

In the meantime I have kicked off a run of the ad-hoc script to hold us
over until the CI-based solution is merged.

> I'm asking because it has broken links to the base haddocks in it (here [3]
> try clicking on any link to the library docs, e.g. GHC.Conc.par), and
> Google happily indexes and spits out as results of search queries
> everything laying here and there, including these pages. Broken links could
> lead “outsiders” to a somewhat underwhelming impression of the state of
> infrastructure.
Hmm, this is indeed surprising. It looks like the problem is a mismatch
between the links produced by Sphinx and those produced by Haddock. I'll

For the record, the whole CI-based documentation effort is being tracked
in #14475.


- Ben
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