GitLab cross-posting to Trac?

Matthew Pickering matthewtpickering at
Sat Jan 5 18:50:20 UTC 2019

> We're not using GitLab ticketing yet, but I understand we will. When you say "related merge requests", does that include *issues*? GitHub does this, so I imagine it does, but we should make sure. In other words, if we make an MR that references an issue, will the issue show this fact? What if the MR text doesn't reference an issue, but the commit message does? For example, many of my patches are targeted toward one issue, but fix several others on the way. The MR text will probably mention only the main issue, but the commit message will mention the others. Will the others automatically be cross-referenced? Or will I be forced to copy these auxiliary issues into the MR text for proper cross-referencing?

If you mention the issue number (#12345) in the MR it will show up as
a mention on the issue.

If the commit message mentions the issue number then it shows up as a mention.

If a comment on another issue mentions an issue number then it shows
up as a mention.

> I believe in GitHub, the cross-referencing happens at *mentions*. I think that means we would get it upon posting the MR and upon the use of an issue number in a comment. But does anything happen at a *merge*? That is, suppose the fix for #12345 gets posted and debated at some length. The #12345 issue will get linked to the MR. Then, all is ready and we click the "merge when green" button. Some hours later, the MR is merged. Does the issue get updated then?

When a MR is merged and the commit message mentions the issue number
then a mention will be added to the issue which links the issue to the

> By "ticket", do you mean issue or MR? I assume you mean MR, and I like this behavior. But I hope you don't mean issue. It's quite common to push a patch materially affecting an issue but not closing it, and I think the manual step to close the issue separately is worthwhile.

If you write "Closes #12345" in the MR description then when the MR is
merged it will close the issue.

This, and not much more, is described here:



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