Gitlab pain

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Fri Jan 4 17:12:44 UTC 2019

Thanks.  But I cannot work out

  *   How to find this “collapsed” discussion
  *   How to un-collapse it
  *   How to search for stuff in collapsed discussions. (Finding them one at a time, uncollapsing, and searching, seems wrong.)  How can I un-collapse everything?

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GitLab groups posts on lines in MRs as "discussions". A discussion can be *resolved*. When it is resolved, the discussion is collapsed by default when you view the MR. The particular comment you're seeking can be found on the MR if you open the discussion you started at 10:04am this morning (GMT) and that Gabor closed at 2:10pm this afternoon. (I'm already missing comment numbers like in Trac.)

I'm still learning my way around, too, so correct me (anyone) if there's a better way to describe all this.


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I’m getting lost in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
I’m looking at<>

But the note in the former starting “Another module should reference the symbol…” doesn’t show up in the latter, anywhere.
How can I see the current state of play on this MR, the ground truth?
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