Name of units in plugins

Spiwack, Arnaud arnaud.spiwack at
Mon Feb 18 08:24:45 UTC 2019

> You only have to enable `TemplateHaskellQuotes` to use this. What's
> your reason for not wanting to use Template Haskell?

None, I just misunderstood your previous comment as meaning that it was
useful for plugins taking some Template Haskell slice as an argument or
something to that effect.

> Your general question is, how do I get a representation of this
> Haskell identifier which I have in scope which I want to persist into
> the future stage. The answer to this question of representation is to
> use Template Haskell in general as that is precisely the role
> of quotation.

Got it. It does make sense. Thanks: I'll try this out.

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