Memory ordering and thunk update

Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Feb 10 00:01:51 UTC 2019

Hi Simon and Peter,

I just wanted to draw your attention to !337 [1], where I try to fix
#15994. While it's possible I have missed something, it looks to me like
there has been a bug lurking here for quite some time. In particular on
a weak memory model machine we do not place a write barrier between the
construction of the result of a thunk evaluation and making the results
visible to other cores via the indirection's indirectee field. This
essentially means that a thread looking at the indirectee may
essentially see uninitialized memory.

Specifically, updateWithIndirection is currently:

    # Evaluation result p2 initialized by caller
    ((StgInd *)p1)->indirectee = p2;
    SET_INFO(p1, &stg_BLACKHOLE_info);

whereas I think this should rather be

    # Evaluation result p2 initialized by caller
    ((StgInd *)p1)->indirectee = p2;
    SET_INFO(p1, &stg_BLACKHOLE_info);

I describe the reasoning for this in more detail in the Note added in

All-in-all, I'm rather surprised to find this bug. While we won't see
this issue manifest on x86_64 due to this architecture's memory model,
we have long supported ARM, PowerPC, and SPARC, all of which have
weakly-ordered execution modes. I can't find any relevant open tickets
from these platforms. The fact that this wasn't noticed on these
platforms makes me wonder whether I am just missing something.

Let me know what you think.


- Ben

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