Request for comments on dry-run Trac -> GitLab migration

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Feb 4 16:06:34 UTC 2019

TL;DR. Have a look at this [2] test import of GHC's Trac tickets. Tell us
       what issues you find.

Hello everyone,

As you likely know, we are currently in the process of consolidating
GHC's infrastructure on GitLab [1]. The last step of this process is to
migrate our tickets and wiki from Trac.

Towards this end I am happy to announce the availability of a test
GitLab instance [2] for the community's review. This is a clone of but with the addition of tickets [3] and GHC wiki [4]
content imported from a Trac dump from earlier this month.

There are a few known issues:

 * There are currently around 50 tickets missing from the import; we are
   working on identifying where they escaped to

 * The revision history of the Wiki is currently squashed due to
   performance issues [6] with GitLab's wiki implementation

We intend to resolve both of these problems by the time of the final
migration. If you find a ticket on the staging instance with problems
that are not in the above list please do add the `import problems` label
to it so we can have a look.

There are a few aesthetic questions that could use community input:

 * Should the "Trac Metadata" boxes be always visible?

 * How do we make the Wiki index [7] more usable? Imposing more
   hierarchy to the page names would likely help but I'm still a bit
   worried that it will be hard to browse.

Please do take a few minutes to peruse the test import and check for
mistakes or potential usability issues. GHC's Trac tickets are one of
the crown-jewels of the project; we want to make sure we get this
migration right as will be living with the result for a long time to


- Ben

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