Perf metrics

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Thu Dec 19 14:30:55 UTC 2019

When I run `sh validate -legacy`, towards the end I see stuff like this

Performance Metrics (test environment: local):

Conversions(normal)       runtime/bytes allocated                        107696.000

DeriveNull(normal)        runtime/bytes allocated                     112050960.000

InlineArrayAlloc(normal)  runtime/bytes allocated                    1600041088.000

InlineByteArrayAlloc(normal)  runtime/bytes allocated                    1440041088.000

InlineCloneArrayAlloc(normal)  runtime/bytes allocated                    1600041248.000

ManyAlternatives(normal)  compile_time/bytes allocated                840985728.000

ManyConstructors(normal)  compile_time/bytes allocated               4540766560.000

MethSharing(normal)       runtime/peak_megabytes_allocated                    2.000

MethSharing(normal)       runtime/bytes allocated                     480098136.000

MultiLayerModules(normal)  compile_time/bytes allocated               5856970504.000

It is intermingled with other apparently unrelated output.
What should I conclude form this?  Is it good or bad?  By what amount have these figures changed, and relative to what?
How can I run a single perf test?
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