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Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Aug 19 20:16:46 UTC 2019

At the Haskell Implementors Workshop on Friday there is a 23-min slot for an update on GHC status.  It's followed by panel discussion.
In our annual status reports I have typically summarised what is going on with a few slides.  But as GHC grows, and more people contribute, it gets harder to do a good job of making such a summary.  So this year I plan to:

  1.  Summarise some highlights that I know about
  2.  Invite anyone in the room who would like to briefly describe what they are working on - or have proudly completed in the last year - to grab the microphone and tell everyone about it.
  3.  Ben will summarise progress on CI, Gitlab, and Hadrian
  4.  Joachim will say what's happened on the GHC-proposal front
To make (2) work

  *   Come to the front so that each handover takes only a few seconds.
  *   Be enthusiastic but brief.  Thirty seconds, not two minutes.  We only have 25 mins for the whole thing.
  *   If you aren't at ICFP, but would have liked to describe your project to the audience, do send me a couple of sentences that I can use on your behalf.
  *   It's a GHC status session, so anything in the GHC ecosystem is fair game, including different back ends, IDE work, plugins, etc.
Tell me in advance if you like, but it's also fine just to be ready on the day.
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