Getting a hole's relevant local binds?

Sandy Maguire sandy at
Sun Aug 18 00:27:41 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I'm trying to get my hands on the relevant local binds (as reported by ghc
in the presence of a type hole) for editor tooling support. Tracing the
code suggests that these things come from the `TcLclEnv`, but afaict, all
remnants of `TcLclEnv` are thrown away by the time we get a

Am I mistaken in this? If not, how receptive would y'all be to a patch that
puts the `TcLclEnv`, or something similar inside `XUnboundVar GhcTc`. This
way editors would have an easy means of getting their hand on whatever is
in scope at the site of a hole, without resorting to parsing error messages.


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