PseudoOps in primops.txt.pp

Sebastian Graf sgraf1337 at
Sun Aug 11 11:42:49 UTC 2019

Hey fellow devs,

While implementing new PseudoOps, a couple of questions popped up:

   1. What are PseudoOps? When do we want to declare one? There doesn't
   seem to be any documentation around them. I only figured out that I
   probably want a PseudoOp by comparing to PrimOps I thought would be lowered
   at a similar stage (i.e. somewhere in Core or STG).
   2. Why aren't GHC.Magic.{lazy,noinline,oneShot} PseudoOps?
   3. Since we have to set all the IdInfo for `seq` and `noinline`
   manually, why is this incomplete? I.e., I'd expect a useful strictness
   signature and arity for both of these.

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