Gitlab's disk full again

Ömer Sinan Ağacan omeragacan at
Sat Aug 10 08:48:56 UTC 2019


Just yesterday Gitlab was giving 500 because the disk was full. Ben deleted some
files, but in less than 24h it's full again. This started happening regularly, I
wonder if we could do something about this.

The reason this time seems to be that Gitlab started generating 22G-large
backups daily since the 7th. I'm not sure how important those backups are so I'm
not deleting them.

There's also a large docker-registry directory (101G).

I think it might be good to set up some kind of downtime monitoring or maybe
something on the Gitlab server to send an email when the disk is nearly full. It
could send an email to people who has access to the server.

It'd also be good to come up with an action plan when this happens. I have
access to the server, but I have no idea which files are important. Documenting
Gitlab setup (and the server details) in more details might be helpful.

Does anyone have any other ideas to keep the server running?


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