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Ben Gamari ben at
Tue Aug 6 16:40:59 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

I've long found GitLab's search interface to be rather clunky. Several
of the issues I've noted have been reported upstream but progress in
resolving them seems to be slow.

Consequently, I have implemented a workaround [1] which addresses most of
my typical use-cases. This is essentially a thin wrapper around GitLab's
various search facilities which intelligently routes requests according
to a simple (and hopefully intuitive) query syntax. For instance, to

 * navigate to GHC issue #123:
   search for `#123`

 * search for GHC issues related to unboxed tuples:
   search for `# unboxed tuples`

 * navigate to the `ghc/head.hackage` project:
   search for `ghc/head.hackage>`

 * navigate to merge request !3 of the `ghc/head.hackage` project:
   search for `ghc/head.hackage!3`

 * navigate to commit e130fb57f7991575d848612abafe9ad10129131c of the
   `ghc/ghc` project:
   search for `ghc/ghc at e130fb57f7991575d848612abafe9ad10129131c`

 * search for merge requests of `haskell/ghcup` pertaining to Darwin:
   search for `haskell/ghcup! Darwin`

Note that, as seen in the first two examples, the project name defaults
to `ghc/ghc` if omitted.

This interface is best used via your browser's search keywords feature
[2]. To add a search keyword in Firefox you can right click on the
search query input field and select "Add search keyword". To my
surprise I didn't find a similarly convenient shortcut in Chromium.

If you can think of any way in which the service can be improved, feel
free to open a pull request against the upstream repository [3].


- Ben

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