Validation Failures on aarch64

Travis Whitaker pi.boy.travis at
Mon Apr 8 19:55:18 UTC 2019

Hello GHC devs,

When attempting to validate a patch on aarch64, it seems there are a large
number of validation failures:

SUMMARY for test run started at Mon Apr  8 07:19:05 2019 UTC
 0:15:35 spent to go through
    6890 total tests, which gave rise to
   17169 test cases, of which
   10018 were skipped
      41 had missing libraries
    3151 expected passes
     150 expected failures
      11 caused framework failures
       0 caused framework warnings
       0 unexpected passes
    3798 unexpected failures
       0 unexpected stat failures

The failures seem consistent on recent-ish master, specifically the
neighborhood of 6113d0d4540af7853c71e9f42a41c3b0bab386fd. Is this to be


Travis Whitaker
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