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Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Apr 1 22:49:19 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

Today I have been working on better documenting our conventions under
GitLab. This has resulted in a handful of documents:

 * A gitlab/issues wiki page [1], describing our triage and issue
   resolution workflow

 * A gitlab/merge-requests wiki page [2], describing our patch backport

 * issue and merge request templates (e.g. [3] and [4]), which will be used by
   authors of issues and MR, respectively.

If you frequent GHC's issue tracker it may be a good idea to look over
the triage guide [1] to make sure you understand the implications of our
many labels.

Also, on the behest of Simon I propose that we start using a comment
convention to note the addition of tests on issues (replacing Trac's
"Test Case" field). Specifically, I suggest that a comment containing a
line beginning with the token "Testsuite-tests:" followed by a series of
comma-separated strings denote a set of test-cases for the issue.
I have documented this here [5]

If there is consensus that this is a sensible and worthwhile convention
I will add these comments for the issues imported from Trac next week.


- Ben

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