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Mon Apr 1 20:44:29 UTC 2019

Hi Ben,

That's awesome! I'm glad to have something to refer to as on Trac I was
sometimes hesitant as to where something fell.

Two questions, well three.

1. Curious, is there no Linux label? Similarly no x86 and x64_86 labels?
2. The ARM one is that Arm (e.g. pre AArch32) or just all Arm
architectures? (I see no AArch64) either. Is this because we didn't have a
label for them in trac?

3. Slightly unrelated, on Phabricator I used to have a customized side bar
with helpful links such as this one. Can I do the same on GitLab?


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On Mon, Apr 1, 2019, 21:35 Ben Gamari <ben at> wrote:

> Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at> writes:
> > Are you sure you got all the labels. Eg I don't see "type error messages
> >
> >
> > Maybe that's because there is only one such ticket, #16439.
> >
> > Can we have a list of all such orphaned labels, so we can get rid of
> them?  Eg by relabelling
> >
> The set of orphan keywords is attached (orphan-keywords.json).
> For reference, the orphan set was computed from the set of all keywords
> (all-keywords.csv, from Trac report #25) and the keyword mapping used by
> the import script (keyword-label-mapping.json, mapping Trac keywords to
> a set of GitLab labels) as follows in Python:
>     import csv
>     import json
>     all_keywords = set(e[0].lower() for e in
> csv.reader(open('all-keywords.csv')))
>     mapping = json.load(open('./keyword-label-mappping.json'))
>     mapped_keywords = set(map(str.lower, mapping.keys()))
>     orphans = set(all_keywords).difference(mapped_keywords)
>     json.dump(list(orphans), open('orphan-keywords.json','w'))
> Cheers,
> - Ben
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