Treatment of unknown pragmas

Ben Gamari ben at
Tue Oct 16 19:14:26 UTC 2018

Vladislav Zavialov <vlad.z.4096 at> writes:

> What about introducing -fno-warn-pragma=XXX? People who use HLint will
> add -fno-warn-pragma=HLINT to their build configuration.
A warning flag is an interesting way to deal with the issue. On the
other hand, it's not great from an ergonomic perspective; afterall, this
would mean that all users of HLint (and any other tool requiring special
pragmas) include this flag in their build configuration. A typical
Haskell project already needs too much such boilerplate, in my opinion.

I think it makes a lot of sense to have a standard way for third-parties
to attach string-y information to Haskell source constructs. While it's
not strictly speaking necessary to standardize the syntax, doing
so minimizes the chance that tools overlap and hopefully reduces
the language ecosystem learning curve.


- Ben
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