Cannot compute type fingerprint in plugin, kinds/types are mixed

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Tue May 22 13:38:19 UTC 2018

Hello again. I’m trying to make a function in a type-checking plugin that takes TyCoRep#Type and makes its fingerprint that matches `typeRepFingerprint (typeRep :: TypeRep (type))`. As I understood the type’s fingerprint is made in DsBinds#dsEvTypeable by generating a code that makes the fingerprint, so I can’t reuse functions which are already written.

My goal is to write a function that makes fingerprints of types which are not type variables such as Int, Maybe Int, ‘[Int] etc. So I tried to follow `mkTrCon` and `mkTrApp` style, and I think I managed to process simple types like Int, Maybe Int — right now I’m processing TyConApp only. But when I tried to make promoted data fingerprint like ‘[Int] I faced some problems. 

For example, for making `’Just Int` fingerprint first I have to compute 'Just fingerprint by computing  'Just tyCon’s and * fingerprints, then combining them into one fingerprint. Then I have to apply ‘Just to Int. But when I try to do something like that while type checking I cannot separate two cases that match runtime’s`TypeRep (a b)` (a representation for a type application) and `TypeRep a` (a representation for a type constructor) because they are represented by TyConApp. Also I can’t separate tyCon kinds and types for type application because they are merged into one list which is stored in `TyConApp _ [KindOrType]`. [KindOrType] list for `’Just Int` is `[*, Int]`. Is there any way to separate this two cases and kinds/types?

Probably there is an easier way to make this function? If not, does type fingerprint function seem possible to make?

Any help would be appreciated,

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