abi-depends field

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon May 21 12:41:51 UTC 2018

Hello, anyone?
At the moment I am doing a manual-diff on this batch of unexpected failures, which is jolly annoying.
Should we just revert some patch for now?

Unexpected failures:

   cabal/ghcpkg02.run                        ghcpkg02 [bad stdout] (normal)

   backpack/cabal/bkpcabal05/bkpcabal05.run  bkpcabal05 [bad stdout] (normal)

   backpack/cabal/bkpcabal07/bkpcabal07.run  bkpcabal07 [bad stdout] (normal)

   backpack/cabal/bkpcabal04/bkpcabal04.run  bkpcabal04 [bad stdout] (normal)

   backpack/cabal/bkpcabal06/bkpcabal06.run  bkpcabal06 [bad stdout] (normal)

   cabal/cabal04/cabal04.run                 cabal04 [bad stdout] (normal)

   cabal/cabal09/cabal09.run                 cabal09 [bad stdout] (normal)

   backpack/cabal/T14304/T14304.run          T14304 [bad stdout] (normal)

   cabal/T12733/T12733.run                   T12733 [bad stdout] (normal)

   cabal/cabal03/cabal03.run                 cabal03 [bad stdout] (normal)

   cabal/cabal05/cabal05.run                 cabal05 [bad stdout] (normal)

   driver/T3007/T3007.run                    T3007 [bad stdout] (normal)

   driver/T1372/T1372.run                    T1372 [bad stdout] (normal)

   patsyn/should_compile/T13350/T13350.run   T13350 [bad stdout] (normal)

   typecheck/bug1465/bug1465.run             bug1465 [bad stdout] (normal)

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Sent: 21 May 2018 10:35
To: ghc-devs <ghc-devs at haskell.org>
Subject: abi-depends field

I'm seeing lots of these errors.  What's this "ignoring (possibly broken) abi-depends field" stuff?
Or have I failed to update sufficiently vigorously somwhow?

=====> T13350(normal) 1 of 1 [0, 0, 0]

cd "./should_compile/T13350/T13350.run" && $MAKE -s --no-print-directory T13350

Actual stdout output differs from expected:

diff -uw "/dev/null" "./should_compile/T13350/T13350.run/T13350.run.stdout.normalised"

--- /dev/null 2018-04-26 12:34:15.027999213 +0100

+++ ./should_compile/T13350/T13350.run/T13350.run.stdout.normalised       2018-05-21 10:33:05.181794031 +0100

@@ -0,0 +1 @@

+ignoring (possibly broken) abi-depends field for packages

*** unexpected failure for T13350(normal)

Unexpected results from:


SUMMARY for test run started at Mon May 21 10:32:53 2018 BST

0:00:12 spent to go through

       1 total tests, which gave rise to

       1 test cases, of which

       0 were skipped

       0 had missing libraries

       0 expected passes

       0 expected failures

       0 caused framework failures

       0 caused framework warnings

       0 unexpected passes

       1 unexpected failures

       0 unexpected stat failures

Unexpected failures:

   should_compile/T13350/T13350.run  T13350 [bad stdout] (normal)
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