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> commit ec22f7ddc81b40a9dbcf140e5cf44730cb776d00
> Author: Patrick Dougherty <patrick.doc at>
> Date:   Wed May 16 16:50:13 2018 -0400
>     Add HeapView functionality
>     This pulls parts of Joachim Breitner's ghc-heap-view library inside GHC.
>     The bits added are the C hooks into the RTS and a basic Haskell wrapper
>     to these C hooks. The main reason for these to be added to GHC proper
>     is that the code needs to be kept in sync with the closure types
>     defined by the RTS. It is expected that the version of HeapView shipped
>     with GHC will always work with that version of GHC and that extra
>     functionality can be layered on top with a library like ghc-heap-view
>     distributed via Hackage.

whoohoo, this is great! I did not not expect that the horrifying (but
maybe not horrible) hack that I wrote so many years ago becomes an
official feature :-)

I’ll be curious in what ways our community will use (or abuse) this

Patrick, you mention that a library like ghc-heap-view will still be
required. Are you interested in updating it to use the new interfaces,
or even take it over completely?

Compatibility with ghc-vis ( is
probably the most important goal here. I’m CC’ing the author of ghc-
vis, Dennis. Or maybe ghc-vis should use the GHC-provided wrappers

Dennis, are you still invested in maintaining ghc-vis?


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