Motivation for refineDefaultAlt

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Fri May 11 15:03:05 UTC 2018

Because if e contains
            …(case x of Foo p q -> e2)…
as a sub-expression, we’d like to simplify it.

Sorry that is not documented; please do add that to the comments in the source code.


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Subject: Motivation for refineDefaultAlt

Hi all,

Does anyone know the motivation for refineDefaultAlt?
The comment states

- -- | Refine the default alternative to a 'DataAlt', if there is a unique way to do so.
OK - so the code transforms something like
case x of { DEFAULT -> e }
case x of { Foo a1 a2 a3 -> e }

but why is this necessary or desirable?
Perhaps you know Simon (Jakobi)?


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