Memory usage exploding for complex pattern matching

Victor Miraldo (UU) v.cacciarimiraldo at
Thu Mar 29 20:10:27 UTC 2018


>> I have just tried compiling my code with 8.4.2 and using
>> -fmax-pmcheck-iterations=0,
>> I gave GHC 12GB of ram and it still ran out (through `ulimit
>> -v$((1024*1024*12))`).
> Hmmm, I'm a bit confused. Why are our results so different? How
> precisely are you invoking GHC?

Here I meant my whole code, not just the repro. I could have been more clear.
Nevertheless, I'm calling it through stack:

stack build --ghc-options="-fmax-pmcheck-iterations=0"

I have just ran the repro with and without
"-fmax-pmcheck-iterations=0" and got similar results to yours.

> Let's start with a fresh ticket; #11195 has a rather long history. Do
> you think you could open it and attach your repro?

Sure thing, will do it tomorrow!


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