Memory usage exploding for complex pattern matching

Victor Miraldo (UU) v.cacciarimiraldo at
Thu Mar 29 18:47:27 UTC 2018



> I tried 8.4 and indeed the renamer/typechecker takes dramatically less
> memory (yay!), leaving desugar as the largest allocator (allocating
> around 3GB) while compiling the minimal example. Furthermore, disabling
> the pattern match checker (via -fmax-pmcheck-iterations=0) dramatically
> reduces desugarer allocations (to around 60MByte). It looks like you are
> right.

I have just tried compiling my code with 8.4.2 and using
I gave GHC 12GB of ram and it still ran out (through `ulimit

I saw many warnings about the pattern match checker exceeding the iterations
I specified:

    Pattern match checker exceeded (0) iterations in
    a case alternative. (Use -fmax-pmcheck-iterations=n
    to set the maximun number of iterations to n)

Which makes me wonder, is the option really stopping the checker or
just displaying something when it exceeds the given number?

> Unfortunately, it's not clear what can be done to work around this short
> of
> disabling the match checker for the entire module, as suggested by
> mpickering. Ideally we would have some notion of local warning flags
> (e.g. #602), allowing us to disable this (rather expensive) warning for
> generated code. Sadly, we aren't there yet. Perhaps you would like to
> propose such a mechanism?

You guys are much more indicated to propose mechanisms to fix this.
If you think this is a sensible mechanism to implement, sure! I'd be
happy to propose it.


> Let's make a Trac ticket for this (since there is a nice small reproducer).  Or, if it seems a dup, attach the reproducer to some existing ticket.

Should I be the one creating it or adding the reproducer?
The closest I've seen is:

> Maybe we should revert the (recent) patch that makes TH code behave like source code, until this pattern-match check business is solved.

Let me know when this happens, I'll be happy to test my code again!


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